is the new, innovative online magazine reporting from and on Berlin’s fashion scene.
Both cheeky and serious, the magazine has features, reports and photo collages as well as daily trend
news looking at all aspects of fashion in Berlin.

Featuring designers, fashion photographers and journalists as well as fashion consumers – from
adventurous teens to seasoned fashionistas – brings you a host of individual voices and angles.

Contributors from all over the world give our magazine its international perspective on Berlin fashion and
provide first-hand news of the latest trends in fashion hotspots elsewhere.

A special page is designed as a platform for Berlin’s fashion students to introduce themselves and their work
to a wider audience.

The service section holds a comprehensive list of everybody who is anybody in Berlin’s fashion scene,
such as retailers, suppliers and other contacts in the scene.

We are looking forward to publishing our first edition and hope that you are too.

Jörg Buntenbach

Übersetzung / translation: Steffi Boothroyd

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